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Tampa, FL Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury matters demand the immediate attention of an experienced attorney. The stakes are high. The compensation your attorney gets for you is what pays for the medical care you need to get better and keeps you afloat when you’re too badly injured to work. Whoever you choose to represent you now could make the difference between securing a favorable outcome and not getting compensation, or between getting the full amount of money you’re entitled to and walking away with less than you need and deserve.

Carefully consider your choice of legal counsel because representation is only one aspect of your attorney’s services. During the struggles that follow a serious injury, you need the support of a knowledgeable professional who will reassure you that everything will be all right and put in the work to ensure you recover the compensation you deserve. Tampa, FL personal injury attorney James Guarnieri has developed formidable negotiation and litigation skills that are used to achieve the best possible results for your case.

Guarnieri Trial Law Has Achieved Countless Successful Results For His Clients

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What Makes Guarnieri Trial Law
Different Than Other Personal Injury Firms?

Focus on Personal Injury Cases

Guarnieri Trial Law specializes in personal injury cases, ensuring that you receive the dedicated and experienced representation needed to aggressively pursue maximum compensation for your injuries.


Proven Track Record

James Guarnieri has successfully handled thousands of personal injury cases in Florida, consistently achieving significant victories for his clients.


No Fee Unless You Win

James Guarnieri handles all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don't pay anything unless he wins or settles your case. This approach ensures that his interests are aligned with yours.


Excellent Reputation

We are immensely proud of our reputation as one of Florida's most successful personal injury law firms. We place a high value on obtaining outstanding results for each client.


Top Quality Service

Providing exceptional customer service is a cornerstone of Jim's practice. This dedication, combined with outstanding case results, has earned him numerous five-star reviews.


Victor O. Wehle Trial Advocacy Award Recipient

Attorney Guarnieri is honored to have received the Victor O. Wehle Trial Advocacy Award from Stetson University College of Law, which recognizes superior trial advocacy skills.


Injury Lawyer in Tampa, FL Fighting Relentlessly for Accident Victims in Tampa Bay, Brandon, Apollo Beach, Plant City, Riverview, and Throughout Central Florida

Facing what’s ahead isn’t easy, but you don’t have to do it alone. At Guarnieri Trial Law, Tampa, FL, personal injury attorney James Guarnieri stands up for the injured.

The injuries that affect you every single day keep the whole distressing accident fresh in your mind, even after days, weeks, and months have passed. When you’ve already been through so much, the legal process can seem even more daunting, but it’s worth it.

Pursuing a personal injury claim is the only way to get the compensation you deserve, and with the right law firm on your side, it doesn’t have to add more stress to your life.

Why Choose Guarnieri Trial Law?

Attorney James Guarnieri draws on years of legal and trial experience to guide you through the claims process and reach a favorable conclusion, all the while being there to support you through the most difficult moments. Here’s why his past clients have recommended him:


Exceptional Communication

Lack of communication is one of the most common frustrations when you’re pursuing a personal injury claim. After all, you’re living with the consequences of the accident every day, and you need to know where things stand.

At Guarnieri Trial Law, we are easy to reach and available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Attorney Guarnieri takes the initiative to move your case forward swiftly. Throughout the claims process, his proactive, frequent, and thorough status updates will ensure you always know what’s happening with your claim.

Service and Results That Exceed Expectations

Jim's quick efforts, extensive knowledge of all legal scenarios, and thorough case handling have made the legal process clearer, less tedious, and less stressful for our clients. We have a track record of securing optimal results for clients so they can move forward with their lives under the best possible circumstances.

A Commitment to Your Best Interests

At Guarnieri Trial Law, we never settle for an easy bargain that leaves you with less than you deserve. Instead, we are committed to fighting relentlessly for maximum compensation.

The settlement amount you get matters, but so does justice. Guarnieri Trial Law aims to get you the resolution you deserve. When defendants and insurance companies have tried to silence or dismiss you, count on us to ensure your side of the story is heard, and justice is served on your behalf.

Decades of Experience

James Guarnieri has more than twenty years of experience practicing law. He has assisted over a thousand clients with their legal issues, providing support, advocacy, and highly skilled legal representation when they needed help the most.

Attorney Guarnieri is a highly experienced trial lawyer, as evidenced by his receipt of the Victor O. Wehle Trial Advocacy Award and his prior leadership role as President of the Tampa Bay Trial Lawyers Association. Whether he negotiates your settlement out of court or takes your claim to trial, his solid background in litigation will be crucial to the success of your case.

Locally Based, Locally Trusted Legal Guidance

Attorney Guarnieri is known throughout Central Florida for providing high-quality legal services to the injured. He is proud to assist clients in Tampa, all over Hillsborough County, and throughout the region. He is a Tampa Bay area native with strong family ties to Brandon and degrees from Florida institutions, including a Juris Doctorate from Florida’s first law school, the Stetson University of Law. His extensive knowledge of local law and legal trends is matched only by his commitment to the local community.

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    Mr. Guarnieri handled my personal injury case quickly, with amazing results. He provided me with proactive, frequent, and thorough status updates. He was always easy to reach. I recommend Mr. Guarnieri to anyone looking for their case to be handled quickly, thoroughly, and professionally, with optimal results.

  • ★★★★★

    After my insurance company basically told me to get lost, my family and I were devastated. Mr. Guarneiri helped keep us calm and comfortable through the tedious process, answered all of our questions, and secured us an amazing settlement. I can't recommend him highly enough. he is amazing.

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